Getting Started

There are three things you should know, before we start this story.  The first is that I build websites for a living.  The second is that my high school ski trip (to Blue Cow Mountain in Australia) was the best trip I’ve ever had.  Third, is that I’ve never left Australia before.

One day at work, I was told we had a new client – a ski resort in Japan.  I had such a good time on my high school ski trip, I started thinking that this would make for a fun holiday.  I toyed with the idea a lot, but didn’t think I’d actually go through with it.

Then, come December 2009, my very generous employer said “Anthony, we’re not giving you a Christmas bonus this year.  Instead, here’s a plane ticket to Japan, and I’ve arranged a week’s stay with our client.  You’re set to go in March.

(The client mentioned here was Mark, from Lodge Nagano)

Pretty cool huh?  Like I said, I’d toyed with the idea – but I tend to do that.  I think about an idea a lot, then  never actually follow through.  But this time, I was locked in.  So it was time to start planning the trip for real.

I’d need to get a passport, of course.  And what’s the deal with a tourist visa?  Where do I get one of those? Do I need any vaccinations?  Can I use my credit card in Japan, or do I need to take cash?  Where do I even get Yen?

Like I said, I’ve never left Australia.  The idea of this big trip, by myself, to a country where I don’t speak the language was kind of daunting. Mark had offered to show me around though, which was reassuring.


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