Getting Started

by Anthony on March 1, 2010

There are three things you should know, before we start this story.  The first is that I build websites for a living.  The second is that my high school ski trip (to Blue Cow Mountain in Australia) was the best trip I’ve ever had.  Third, is that I’ve never left Australia before.

One day at work, I was told we had a new client – a ski resort in Japan.  I had such a good time on my high school ski trip, I started thinking that this would make for a fun holiday.  I toyed with the idea a lot, but didn’t think I’d actually go through with it.

Then, come December 2009, my very generous employer said “Anthony, we’re not giving you a Christmas bonus this year.  Instead, here’s a plane ticket to Japan, and I’ve arranged a week’s stay with our client.  You’re set to go in March.[click to continue…]